San Felipe Properties For Sale

Updated: 08/24/16 06:43:20 PM

Lots of people from the US and Canada love to vacation in San Felipe.

Updated: 08/23/16 03:12:51 AM

You don't find too many two story houses in San Felipe because houses here are not usually built in the American style. We have commercial real estate listings in San Felipe where you can check out strip malls, retail stores or entire shopping centers for sale.

Updated: 08/21/16 04:54:35 PM

Homes in San Felipe are generally constructed with stucco exteriors and can be customized to your needs.

Updated: 08/20/16 03:21:28 PM

Many US citizens who live in colder temperatures are happy to build homes or buy homes in San Felipe.

Updated: 08/20/16 01:42:03 PM

We will walk you through the entire process of buying a home in San Felipe.

Updated: 08/20/16 12:41:36 PM

Most of the decor in our San Felipe homes is traditional Mexican style with very colorful tiles.

Updated: 08/20/16 11:00:18 AM

Spring break is a great time to rent your condo, and we can manage it for you.

Updated: 08/20/16 09:30:26 AM

There are many American construction companies that are building homes in San Felipe and surrounding areas.

Updated: 08/20/16 08:13:17 AM

There are lots of festivals and carnavales in and around San Felipe, so there are lots of things to do when you move here.

Updated: 08/20/16 06:41:47 AM

There are restaurants and shops and beauty salons near the condos in San Felipe, so you can buy a home near them.

Updated: 08/20/16 04:58:24 AM

Some people have worked with us many times over the years and keep calling for new investment properties.

Updated: 08/20/16 03:00:09 AM

If you're tired of living where it rains all year, come down to San Felipe and let us find you a home.

Updated: 08/20/16 01:44:18 AM

Whether you're looking for a full time residence or a vacation home, let us know how many bedrooms you need and where you want to live.

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